terça-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2012

Building a true classic

Dispõe de 9min 27s? Então vale a pena ver "Building a true classic" que mostra etapas da construção do 8mR "Luna".
 Hopefully you enjoyed pictures from the final stages of 8mR "Luna". We enjoyed sailing her a lot and hardly can't wait for the next training event next week. We will be a full week in Lissabon and 'll try to find the different gears of her. Now that the building project of is more or less finished, we close that part of our campaign. As a mark of that jyri compiled a time lapse video of the building phase. 9 minutes and 26 seconds of pictures from 4 different angles. At least the classic and wooden boat Aficionados might enjoy this clip. At the same time we stop updating the "8mR valokuvia" photo page in our web site lunasailingteam.fi. In the future, sailing pictures from the three different boats will appear on a separate page. Stay in touch and look for news of the summer's sailing events. FG-Luna will get wet in two weeks. — in Lisbon, Lisboa.


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